Spanish II 1/6/15

6 Jan

We will meet in the media center today. Here is the agenda for the day. You may work with a partner on today’s activities since computer access is limited.

1. Campanada: Contesta en frases completas en español.

¿Prefieres estar con amigos o con familia cuando celebras la Nochevieja? ¿Por qué?

2. Pick up all three handouts from the middle table. 5th period already has the reading “Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte.”

3. Read “Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte” with a partner.

4. Answer the comprehension questions with a partner (top of handout). The bold words at the top function as the word bank. Each partner must complete his/her own handout.

5. Write your own New Year’s Resolutions using the bottom half of the handout. Write the year “2015” after “en” and complete each line. Be sure to use an infinitive after “deseo.”

6. Look at the following infograph and answer the comprehension questions on the half sheet entitled, “Los Españoles y el Año Nuevo.”

As you finish each activity, place it ON TOP OF your class period’s folder on the middle table.

Spanish II – Repaso D Test

22 Sep

Test date: Tuesday, September 23rd


11 Multiple Choice – Repaso D vocabulary

11 Completion – Stem-changing verbs

8 Completion – Verbs like gustar

2 Essays

3 Short Answer – Answer in complete sentences about your favorite sports team, what you prefer to do in your free time, and whether a specific class interests you or not.

Spanish II – Repaso C Test

10 Sep

Test date: Thursday, September 11th


8 Multiple Choice (1 point each) – Vocabulary about the doctor’s office & personalities.

8 Completion (1 point each) – Indirect object pronouns (me, te, nos, le, les).  Be sure to look at the clarification phrase for clues (a mi, a ti, a nosotros, a ella, a ellos, etc.).

7 Matching (1 point each) – Vocabulary opposites.

2 Essays (10 points each) – See prompts on page R.17 of workbook (you will choose one).  Also, know when to use ser/estar when providing information about who someone is, where he/she is from, what he/she is like, professions, location, time, and feelings.

3 short answer (4 points each) – Take an adjective from the “meaning changes” worksheet, write a sentence using ser, write a sentence using estar, and illustrate both sentences.  Hint: I will choose three of the following adjectives: viejo(a), aburrido(a), malo(a), rico(a), palido(a).


Spanish I Questions for Individual Response (due Tuesday, 9/9/14)

8 Sep

Complete on notebook paper.  Write the questions and answers in complete Spanish sentences. 

  1. Por lo general, ¿los muchachos abren las puertas por las muchachas?
  2. ¿Cierras la puerta cuando usas el baño?
  3. Son las 8:30 de la mañana y abres la puerta de la escuela.  ¿Cuál es el problema?

Spanish Club Officer Election Runoff

5 Sep

Please cast your vote here for the secretary runoff.  Polls will close at midnight tonight.

Spanish II – Chapter 5 Test

4 Feb

Test date: Thursday, February 6, 2014

14 Multiple Choice.  Note the meaning of the following words: el desierto, poner (preterite), saber, la luz, la plaza

19 Completion – imperfect of regular verbs

9 Completion – imperfect of ser, ir, ver

5 Matching – Vocabulary synonyms

3 Short Answer

  • ¿Cuántos años tenías en (year)?
  • ¿Quién era tu maestro(a) en el (primer/segundo/tercer/cuarto/quinto) grado?
  • Cuando eras niño(a), ¿te gustaba ir ______?


Spanish II – Chapter 4 Test Information

14 Jan

Test date: January 16, 2014

Test format:

  • 5 Multiple Choice – Restaurants in Spain and Latin America (pp. 120 – 123).  Know how food is served in Spain, what comes with Mexican meals, similarities between dining out in the U.S. and Hispanic countries, and information about tipping and sobremesa.
  • 10 Completion – vocabulary sentences with a word bank.  Do not misspell words listed in the word bank.
  • 19 Completion – Preterite of stem-changing verbs: servir, vestirse, seguir, dormir(se), repetir, freir, pedir, preferir.
  • 4 Completion – the passive voice with “se.” (*servir – stem-change in the present tense)
  • 6 Completion – adjectives of nationality
  • 5 Matching – vocabulary
  • 1 short answer – “¿Que pides cuando vas a un restaurante mexicano?”